Wii U @ Kmart: Premium Pack $379, Basic Pack $299 – Probably the Best Prices You’ll See in Australia

Yes, those prices are correct and what’s more, they’re in Australian dollars!

I’ve seen a few posts about this – firstly on OzBargain and then on the ever reliable Vooks – but I just couldn’t bring myself to believe it until I saw the catalogue myself on Kmart’s website. I’ve included the page of the catalogue below as evidence for those of you out there who may be as skeptical as I (page 27, as you can see by the little red number on the bottom right). It doesn’t seem possible to access this particular catalogue from Kmart’s homepage, so it’s probably not ‘officially’ released as yet (the sale dates are listed as 29th November 2012 to 5th December 2012), but if you click on this direct link, it’ll take you to the catalogue viewer on Kmart’s website.

This is extremely aggressive pricing, representing a saving of over $50.oo off the SRP for each pack, so you’ll pretty much be able to buy an extra game, or maybe put the savings aside towards to cost of a second GamePad.

The Big Book of Christmas Cheer, pg. 27

OzBargain also mentions being able to pre-order in store at the service desk with a $40 dollar deposit, which Kmart apparently doesn’t normally do. There’s no mention of this in the catalogue itself, but it sure couldn’t hurt to rock up to your nearest store and ask.

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