Bored Nothing – Bored Nothing via The Brag [MUSIC: Album Review]

[MUSIC: Album Review] Bored Nothing – Bored Nothing - The Brag

Album: Bored Nothing
Label: Spunk Records
Rating: ****

From the humdrum small-town life vilified by Morrissey, to the whiney, woe-is-me grunge prominent in the mid-‘90s, musicians of the past few decades have proven that ennui can be a perversely invigorating thing. Melbourne’s Fergus Miller shows that boredom and frustration is still good fodder for the young and disillusioned with his excellent debut album as Bored Nothing. The choice of band name says it all, really.

Once you get past the fact that the washed-out guitar music you’ve just put on is not from Brooklyn, Bored Nothing totally slugs you with its fuzzy slacker hooks. It’s a sound best classified as ‘dream pop’, though there’s an agitation at its core, reflected in shirty song titles like ‘Shit For Brains’, ‘I Wish You Were Dead’ and ‘Build A Bridge (And How About You Get The Fuck Over it)’. When song titles aren’t abusive, they seem cast-off and half-baked: ‘Popcorn’, ‘Bliss’, ‘Snacks’.

The lyrics and vocal delivery reflect this blend of aggression and submission. Much of it is a hazy reflection on Miller’s own life, his breathy vocals delivering stories about being young, getting stoned and skipping class. Otherwise, he chooses tragic outsiders as his subjects, sympathising with the late moonshiner and bootlegger Marvin Sutton in ‘Popcorn’, and a sufferer of a hair-pulling disorder in ‘Just Another Maniac’. You can pretty much dumb it down to a theme of ‘everyone’s fucked’, though it’s more succinctly put in the chorus of the album’s first song: “And it’s hard for me to say/But we’ve all got shit for brains.”

This is an astonishing first album from a new talent still finding his voice and individuality. I suspect there’s even better to come from this chairman of the bored.

Chris Girdler

via [MUSIC: Album Review] Bored Nothing – Bored Nothing – The Brag.

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