The Wilderness by Cemeteries | Impose Magazine

For when walking around in the woods is the only way to dream.

By Ari Spool

Do you ever get tired of grinding for that cheddar? Waking up in the morning and getting dressed in the mirror with crust in your eyes, walking to the train trying not to spill your coffee, and then sitting at your job until you can go home. What if, instead of all that, you could run around in the woods that make up your backyard, exploring between the trees, peeking under rocks and finding squirmy worms, making a squirrel friend. Wouldn’t that be nice?

That’s kind of what Kyle J, Reigle did. Living in the Rust Belt decay of Buffalo, NY, Reigle, who performs as Cemeteries, started making dream-pop in his bedroom. The resulting LP, released on October 23 via Lefse, is called The Wilderness, and it kind of feels like the darkness of the forest at night, and not in a fairytale way. It sounds a little creaky, a little unexpected, but mostly magical. You can imagine exploring, and being unsure of the next move, and looking up throught the capillaries of tree branches into the moonlight. The nostalgic synths and delicate drums of this single emphasize the wistfulness of the whole operation. Reigle’s lyrics are even more child-like – singing about being scared of the dark, and everyone being asleep, he places the tone squarely in the realm of open-eyed, slightly-against-the-rules ventures. Softly, you pad on the forest floor, and hope that tomorrow when you wake up, everything will be different.

via Cemeteries, “The Wilderness” | Impose Magazine.

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