Download The Soliti Zip Volume Two and more…

Soliti Zip Vol. 2 (Soliti 013)

As 2012 draws to an end, Soliti continues a tradition that we started last year with the Soliti Zip.  We’ve collected together all the tracks we’ve given away as mp3′s throughout 2012 and as an exclusive bonus there is a new track from The New Tigers. In their own words, they describe new track ‘Detalji’ – “Detalji” is a result of a scientific experimentation. One time in 2011 the Tigers decided to use the old Luis Bunuel method of increasing their creativity by not sleeping at all. “Detalji” is something they came up with after 85 hours of staying up.”

So, this years bumper Soliti Zip Vol. 2 (Soliti 013) is 14 tracks long and goes like this:

1.  Big Wave Riders : Waiting In The Wings
2.  The New Tigers : I Have Been Replaced (Top Sound cover)
3.  Astrid Swan : Cream of Gold (Serefe Sound System Remix)
4.  Paperfangs : I Felt The Ocean
5. Black Twig : Paper Aeroplane
6. Big Wave Riders : Sunny Season (Aves Remix)
7. Delay Trees : HML
8. Eric & Magill : Should We All Wake Up (Paperfangs remix)
9. Paperfangs : Everyday
10. Big Wave Riders : Stuck In Reverse (Serefe Sound System Remix)
11.  Black Lizard : Dead Light
12. Cats On Fire : A Few Empty Waves
13. Big Wave Riders : Sunny Season
14. The New Tigers :  Detalji 

To download click here, or click the direct link:

You can also stream/download all the tracks from the Soundcloud link below


Many thanks to all the Soliti bands on the Zip : Big Wave Riders, The New Tigers, Astrid Swan, Cats On Fire, Paperfangs, Delay Trees, Black Twig & Black Lizard. Also a big thanks to Serefe Sound System & Aves for remixes and Eric & Magill for being remixed. Big shout out for Teppo Meriläinen for designing the Soliti Zip cover and making this happen.

In case you  missed it, Soliti was profiled on Prefix Mag on Monday, read and watch the feature here.

In 2013 we start with the Soliti Roadshow followed by new albums throughout the year from Paperfangs , Black Lizard, Astrid Swan, The New Tigers, hopefully Black Twig and more.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a record, written a blog, come to a gig and reviewed an album or supported Soliti by just spreading the word. You rule.

Have a great holiday and see you in 2013, we leave you with  some best of lists from some of the bands and people behind Soliti.


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