Vooks GOTY 2012: Best Wii Game Winner Revealed – Wii and Nintendo News from Vooks

Written by: VOOK | December 26, 2012

The Wii might not have had one of the biggest years ever but what for it lacked in quantity it made up for quality.

That quality culminated in a little title called The Last Story, a game that at one point was at risk of never coming out of Japan. The Last Story is the best Wii game of 2012 as voted by you.

Here’s what we said about it in our review;

The Last Story is an incredibly well put together RPG that manages to marry everything that makes both western and Japanese RPGs great. Similarly, it provides a very focused and concentrated journey for the player to get through and doesn’t attempt to bog itself down by offering a large and empty landscape just because it’s an RPG. If this is the future of the genre, I couldn’t quite say how I would feel, but with a bit more fine tuning to make the game a bit more difficult and extending the length just a tad with some more optional content, then I’m all in. The more people who play this, the better; this might be the Japanese RPG that wins over the haters of the genre.

Here’s how the Wii results turned out;

  • The Last Story – 39.41%
  • Rhythm Heaven Fever – 14.71%
  • Mario Party 9 – 13.53%
  • Pandora’s Tower – 9.41%
  • Project Zero 2: Wii Edition – 5.29%

via Vooks GOTY 2012: Best Wii Game Winner Revealed – Wii and Nintendo News from Vooks.

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