VERY surprised not to see Nintendo at No. 1. I’ll admit to all kinds of bias when it come to Nintendo, both as a hardware and software developer, but seriously, you only need to look at the list of games they’ve developed over the years you have to realise they’ve done more for innovation and advancement in the gaming industry than any other company around! Whereas Valve have essentially just released a string of First-person shooters and Mojang, well, there’s Minecraft and…?

Regardless of the relative significance or worth of the games made by these two developers, it just doesn’t stack up to the depth of diversity, originality and quality evidenced in Nintendo’s back catalogue.

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Renowned UK video game publication EDGE has listed the world’s 50 greatest game developers in the latest edition of the magazine. Some of the developers listed may come as a shock, whilst others shouldn’t really be too surprising. Nintendo EAD came in third with Valve and Mojang taking first and second place respectively. What do you think to the list?

1. Valve
2. Mojang
3. Nintendo EAD
4. Platinum Games
5. Naughty Dog
6. Rockstar North
7. Bungie
8. FromSoftware
9. Arkane Studios
10. Riot Games
11. Epic Games
12. Media molecule
13. Dice
14. Kojima Productions
15. Irrational
16. ArenaNet
17. Blizzard
18. Rocksteady
19. Ubi Montreal
20. Bethesda
21. Double Fine
22. Terry Cavanagh
23. Thatgamecompany
24. Gearbox
25. 343
26. Firaxis
27. EA Canada
28. Bioware
29. Eidos Montreal
30. Playdead
31. Sony online entertainment
32. Crytek
33. Redlynx
34. Vlambeer
35. CCP
36. Telltale
37. Id

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