Nintendo President Says “Once Miiverse Hits The 3DS, It Will Be Huge”

Hanging out to be able to access the Miiverse on the go, just hoping you don’t have to create an account on the Wii U first as I don’t have one yet 😦

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told Japanese news publication The Nikkei that once the Miiverse arrives on the Nintendo 3DS, it will ultimately be huge. Iwata used Animal Crossing: New Leaf as an example of the possibilities the social network could bring to the system. Nintendo has yet to announce just when we can expect Miiverse to appear on the Nintendo 3DS.

“Once the Miiverse hits the 3DS, it will be huge. Just imagine the possibilities of playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf while sharing your experiences on the Miiverse. Now that’s something!”

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