Gaming News: New Mario Kart Wii U Announced And Much More Mario Madness


Oooo this is going to be a good one, I can already tell. I have yet to get a Wii U and I bet I am not the only ones thinking wow I am going to buy one just for the sake of Mario Kart. Because I know there are alot of people out there that were holding out for an

announcement like this just for a reason to buy one well here is that reason racing right passed you in the form of a kart.

It has been announced that Nintendo will also unveil the successor to Super Mario Galaxy 2 at this years E3, which will run June 11th

till June 13th this year.

Nintendo CEO Satoura Iwata announced the Wii U’s game’s existence today as part of Nintendo Direct, but did not go in to any more details other than it will all be playable at this…

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