The Underclassed pick the 50 best albums of 2012

The Underclassed

AlbumsWhen we did the best of B-sides list the other week, we found it impossible to rank which was best. How do you take an Indie album like for example In The Belly of the Brazen Bull by The Cribs and then compare it to Frank Ocean’s album? I don’t personally think you can rank things in such a way. 

So again, because we’re so uncannily hipster (sigh) on The Underclassed, we’ve simply drawn up a list of 50 albums that were pretty damn special in 2012. A highlight for were Tame Impala’s second record ‘Lonerism’, which ticked every single box for me. But there were also superb efforts from Django Django, Field Music, Tall Ships, Melody’s Echo Chamber and Grimes. Here I am, waffling out the list before it’s even thrown at you! 

So without further ado, here is The Underclassed’s 50 best albums of 2012!

A Place To…

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