The Ouya Could Potentially Change Video Games Forever, It Will Be Sold At Just $99

C Town Gaming

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The Ouya become a huge sensation when it began campaigning on Kickstarter, it broke many records and received a whopping $8,596,474 from its backers. It has recently been announced it will be sold at the price of $99 at multiple retailers including Gamestop and Amazon.

The Ouya is a game system which will allow developers to sell their games directly on a Android style market, it will also allow developers to offer free to play games and demos. This could completely change the gaming industry for many reasons, It will allow a huge influx of unknown and indie designers to show off their talent.

But even bigger it could unearth some great games with even better prices, I highly doubt any games will be sold near the $60 price tag that Xbox, PS3, and WII games currently have. I am excited to see what the…

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  1. I ordered mine a while ago through Kickstarter.. Cant wait to check it out!!!!



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