Fans Launch Facebook Campaign To See Zelda As Playable Character

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ZeldaBrawlNintendo fans have been busy as of late, as not only have they launched a petition against region locking, but some have also banded together to see Princess Zelda as a playable character in future titles. The Facebook campaign – which now has over 3,000 likes and counting – is spreading the word as to why Zelda should be fully integrated as a playable character in the series.

There has already been rumblings that series fans would like to see Zelda as the star of the show, as one artist dabbled in fan-inspired concept art to show Zelda in a ‘Clockwork Empire’ as the lead, with Link dubbed as the Prince of the Kingdom. And during an interview with Eiji Aonuma, when asked the question of featuring Zelda in her own game, Aonuma responded as such: “I guess if people have strong feelings about it then it’s something to consider.”

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