Australian Club Nintendo Catalogue Updated

Still no Luigi’s Mansion 2 Diorama, but two new items have appeared on the Australian Club Nintendo website overnight: Hanafuda Cards for 3,000 stars and The Year of Luigi Coin for 1250. If the Luigi Diorama follows the European offering of 7,000, you’ll need a whopping 11,250 stars for all three…better get registering!

Hanafuda Cards – 3,000 Stars

Own a piece of Nintendo history with this traditional Hanafuda card set.

A protective case comes included with the card set. This card set features tastefully recreated Nintendo themed artwork. Hanafuda, meaning “flower cards,” is a traditional Japanese card game that dates back to the 1500s.

It is said that the modern design of the card set was created in the mid 1700s. Nintendo started out as a manufacturer of Hanafuda cards in 1889. Card set comes included with instructions on how to play “Koi-Koi,” a basic two-player game.

  • 48 Hanafuda Cards
  • Includes protective case
  • Features recreated Nintendo-themed artwork
  • Product Dimensions (Case): 5.7 cm x 3.8 cm x 6.3 cm; 100 grams
  • Product Dimensions (Cards): 5.6 cm X 3.1 cm

The Year of Luigi Coin – 1,250 Stars

Show Luigi some love with this special coin

Let’s celebrate The Year of Luigi! Mark this special occasion by getting your hands on this gorgeous, gold-coloured commemorative coin. This hefty metal coin comes in its own green velvety Club Nintendo pouch, to keep it safe and sound! Please note: the coin is gold-coloured only, it does not contain any actual gold. Coin weighs approx. 29g, is approx 40mm in diameter and 3mm thick. Pouch is approx. 50mm x 60mm.


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