Top 25 games of 2013

Nothing says Christmas like a round-up of the year’s best video games. Come this way and prepare to argue

It’s that time of year again, when all sense deserts us and we try to distil 12 months of gaming into one list of 25 spectacular titles. And what a year it has been – two console launches, a booming indie scene and several vintage franchises reaching wonderful fruition. In their autumn days, the PS3 and Xbox 360 have seen some of their very greatest releases, while the financially under-performing Wii U has punched above its sales figures with some astonishingly well-crafted games. We’ve been spoiled for choice.

Which is our way of warning you that your favourites may not be on this list. And we say it every year, but this is very much our own highly subjective collection of gaming treats, chosen and savagely fought over by the Guardian’s cabal of reviewers. It is not a dispassionate attempt to scientifically select the greatest games based on some sort of Metacritic algorithm. These are the games we played to death and then played some more. Sometimes they weren’t even the best games, they were the games we loved – and love is a weird and important thing.

Top 25 games of 2013: 25-16

Top 25 games of 2013: 15-11

Top 25 games of 2013: 10-6

Top 25 games of 2013: 5-1

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