Steam Machines unlikely to make “any impact at all” in 2014 – is Valve playing the long game? | News | Edge Online

Overpriced, underwhelming to look at and destined to cater for a small niche, the Steam Machines unveiled at CES are unlikely to make any impact on the current console race when they launch later this year.

That was the message from industry analysts this week after Valve unveiled the first wave of custom PCs built for SteamOS and its unorthodox controller. These Steam Machines’ pricing and the multitude of hardware models and configurations will make Valve’s plan to bring Steam into millions of living rooms worldwide rather difficult, says Games Investor co-founder Nick Gibson. “Despite making a big noise unveiling 13 Steam Machines at CES, Valve has yet to shed any significant light on what their strategy is or provide any compelling reasons for consumers to consider these devices over a console or a Windows PC,” Gibson tells us. “At this stage it is difficult to see Steam Machines having any impact at all on either console or Windows-based PC sales.”

Given the recent article about the Ouya on Edge, one could be forgiven for thinking they had no faith in the future of alternative consoles at all.

Read the full article @ Edge Online

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