Nintendo Says Mario Kart 8 Has A Long Life Ahead Of It

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As you might expect, Nintendo is confident that the superb Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U has a long life ahead of it. Nintendo of Ameirca president Reggie Fils-Aime wouldn’t talk about future plans for the game. However, he does think that the arrival of Amiibo figures will help its appeal going forward.

IGN: In terms of content, take Mario Kart 8, which was a very big success for you guys during its first weekend, is additional content for that game just amiibo right now?

Fils-Aime: “In terms of…”

IGN: …content to support that game and keep it on people’s radars as something they continue to play.

Fils-Aime: “Again, by way of analogy, we launched Mario Kart on Wii and that game continued to sell huge for us over the course of five years. We launched Mario Kart on DS, that game continued to do huge numbers over…

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