Knytt Underground review

There’s a meditative quality to this game. Despite concerning a pilgrimage, it contains almost subliminal dialogues on technology, narrative and, most of all, faith, which lend it a stillness that… Wait. Sorry, but did that fairy just call someone an “anus”?

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Rayman Legends review

Rayman Legends is a wormhole, whisking Wii U owners back to November 2012 and a time when Wii U: The Incredible Promise had yet to make way for Wii U: The One Third Parties Don’t Like Any More.

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The big question: Has Wii U really suffered from a lack of games?

As a long-time Nintendo gamer I am confused. No, not by where to find all the star coins in New Super Luigi U but by how every time I read an article about the Wii U online, its struggle for success is put down to its lack of games. Even Satoru Iwata said it himself.

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Super Mario 3D World preview Gameplay Preview

Super Mario 3D World is the much anticipated 3D Mario for Wii U. Production is being handled by Tokyo EAD, the visionary team behind Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land. And if the initial internet reaction is anything to go by, it is, to quote Obi-Wan, not the 3D Mario you are looking for.

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The best games of 2013 so far

What a turnaround. On 1 March 2013 things were looking pretty bleak for Nintendo fans. Wii U had been released the previous November and while there were always games that you could catch up on, there hadn’t been an essential new release on Nintendo’s new console since launch.

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Official Nintendo Magazine set to close with Issue 114

The last issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, which launched in the UK in 2002, will be in stores on 14th October, 2014 (Issue 114).

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Nintendo E3 Digital Event Round Up!

Goodness, that was an exciting E3 press conference, wasn’t it? Here’s what we saw: NFP figurines will be compatible with the Wii U version, with constantly evolving stats and customisation options that make your figurine unique. Palutena was announced as a playable character at the end.

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The Ultimate Guide to Mario – out now!

Mario’s in his 33rd year and, what with the plumber fresh from his fairy-saving excursion in Super Mario 3D World and donning his specially-reinforced driving dungarees for Mario Kart 8, what better time to celebrate the life and work of our fearless leader? The Ultimate Guide to Mario is out now.

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Mario Kart 8 review

Mario Kart 8 is the first Wii U game. Before you swing violently around to look, aghast, at your last 18 copies of ONM, wondering what twisted hell-verse they sprung from, we mean to say that it’s the first of Nintendo’s next generation that feels as though it needed the new console, and the new outlook that’s come with it, to exist.

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Rewind: Donkey Kong Country

Michael Gapper remembers the day the SNES should have died and the 16-bit game that took on a 32-bit console.

You had to be there. While Donkey Kong Country often gets a bad rap these days for not being Super Mario World or Yoshi’s Island, that it never matched Nintendo’s homegrown platformers wasn’t the point. To love DKC you had to be around for Christmas 1994.

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Source: Official Nintendo Magazine Posted on : March 09, 2014 at 08:00PM

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