Hey! Pikmin and new Pikmin amiibo release on July 29th


Nintendo has announced the final name for the Pikmin 3DS title, it’s now called Hey! Pikmin. It will be released in Australia on July 29th. On the same, day a new Pikmin amiibo will be released as well.

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Remember Pikmin 4? Miyamoto says it’s still on the way

Pikmin 3 was a quiet underachiever for the Wii U. It’s a great game but people usually suffix saying Pikmin 3 “oh yeah I forgot about that one!” when talking about the great lineup the Wii U has.

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Pikmin 4 is “Very Close to Completion”, Though Its Platform is Unclear

When Pikmin 3 arrived in summer 2013, it ended a long and generation-spanning wait for fans of one of Shigeru Miyamoto’s freshest franchises. Disregarding Wii re-releases it had been around nine years since Pikmin 2 on GameCube. The wait for Pikmin 4, however, looks set to be far shorter.

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Pikmin 3 updated with new stylus control option

Nintendo has quietly updated Pikmin 3 this week with a new control scheme. You can now use the GamePad’s touchscreen and style to fling Pikmin around just like in the Pikmin Adventure game in Nintendo Land.

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The New Yorker Names Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3 And Link Between Worlds In 10 Best Games Of 2013

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Naming the best games of 2013 is never a small feat, so with the wealth of titles on offer this year The New Yorker has sat down and listed their top 10 games of 2013 – and three are Nintendo games.

In an unranked list, Simon Parkin speaks of the ten best titles this year has offered, naming PC releases Papers, Please and Stanley Parable, an iOS game and the multi-platform game Saints Row IV. But the article also lists three Nintendo games, including two Wii U titles Super Mario 3D World and Pikmin 3, along with the Nintendo 3DS game The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Commenting on Super Mario 3D World, Parkin says “it is the strongest orthodox game of the year, demonstrating Nintendo’s unmatched talent for spatial-reasoning designs.” While for Pikmin 3, he says, “the game offers a deep, primal appeal to both…

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Zelda And Pikmin Headline Entertaining New Shows For Nintendo Video

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Nintendo Video is ready to launch a fresh lineup of great new shows for the fall. The free video application for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems will debut new short-form videos starting Nov. 1 that will continue into 2014. Five new series have been slated, including two featuring The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and Pikmin 3.

Owners who have downloaded the Nintendo Video application from the Nintendo eShop will automatically receive the new shows on their device, including:

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Misadventures of Link: This original series of comedic shorts shows Link, the series’ star, in a new and hysterical light. His surroundings will be familiar to fans of the series, since the shorts are based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD game for the Wii U console.
  • Pikmin Nature Documentaries: These “nature documentaries” explore the wonderful world of the tiny Pikmin. The…

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Pikmin 3 Screenshots From Today’s Nintendo Direct

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Nintendo of America has just released a batch of overly cute screenshots for Pikmin 3 which is exclusive for Wii U. We already found out today that you can use the Wii U GamePad as a camera in Pikmin 3 to capture close-up photos of your climactic encounters – and share them in Miiverse.

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Complete Wii U Nintendo Direct Roundup

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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata unleashed Wii U news in an installment of Nintendo Direct today as he outlined Nintendo’s future plans for the console. Iwata revealed how the Wii U launch lineup will be bolstered by a long list of top game franchises headed for the new console. These are games that longtime players and newcomers alike will love to play, and everyone will be experiencing them in new ways, thanks to the integrated second-screen experiences enabled by the Wii U GamePad controller. Iwata also detailed a number of enhancements designed to make the Wii U game experience more social, even if people are not playing in the same room.

“The fun of video games is not only just playing games, but also sharing experiences together with people – even though they live far away, their skill levels are different or their experience does not happen at the same time,” Iwata said…

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